Monday, June 6, 2016


I believe today is the day Summer has arrived.  I finally took the flannel sheets off our bed and replaced them with thin Summer sheets.  I also changed the top quilt and coverlet ~~~

The new quilt is the one I finished just before the Bee quilt.  I love the soft colors and the different prints.  The shams and coverlet are perfect for warmer weather. 

I have also been servicing my Featherweight machines and have decided to leave one set up for use.  I love the perfect straight stitches these little gems make.  No wonder their popularity has endured for decades. 

I told Miss Dottie she could help me water flowers and she's ready to get busy!  She's all about running all over the yard with the hose.  Olive is afraid of water, especially when Dottie has the hose, and she hides behind the garage and peeks around the corner at us.  It's time for me to dig out Dottie's water toys, too. 
Have a great day everyone.

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