Tuesday, June 28, 2016



So, Summer is bearing down on us with high humidity and scorching temperatures.  We had a strong storm Sunday and our flag pole was bent in half.  I rescued the flag but I have doubts about saving the pole.

Yesterday I got the Plus Sign quilt back from Reggie and this morning I trimmed the edges and made the binding.  I will try to get it sewn on tomorrow and then spend the next several days hemming it by hand.  This is a holdover from my hand quilting days. 

So what's next....Well, I've been piecing some framed square blocks with snowballed corners on opposing sides.  The fabric is Small Talk and the prints are sewing related.  The black, white, gray, tan and orange look nice together.  More on that later...

We have been royally invaded by zillions of millipedes on our front porch.  Each day I sweep up at least a gallon of dead ones.  Sevin Dust kills them but the army hasn't surrendered and there's a new onslaught every day.  I was told that they won't quit coming until the weather turns cold. 

What unexpected things have you been doing this Summer?

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