Friday, April 26, 2013


Yesterday Hubby and I took a day and escaped to the big city, which happens to be Springfield.  It's rare when we get a day all to ourselves and have the ambition to get out of town!

The drive was lovely because Spring is springing everywhere you look now.  Springfield is south of where we live, so Spring is more evident there.  The beautiful Missouri dogwood trees are beginning to bloom, as are the redbud and plum trees.  Tulips, daffs and phlox are everywhere you look. 

We did some shopping, had a wonderful seafood lunch and then visited Bass Pro to walk off some of our calories before heading back home.  It was a shocking day for Hubby because although I spent at least an hour in the quilt shop and a second fabric store, I came home empty handed.  I didn't even buy a fat quarter of fabric as a token of our trip!  I told him it must be because my stash is bulging at the seams right now and I need to use what I have on hand....NOT!

This morning I visited my favorite little fabric store right here in our town and bought an array of blue/white fabrics for a surprise quilt for someone.  The quality of the fabric is top drawer and the prices are a mere $3.99 per yard.  I had a wonderful time dipping into the blues (a color I normally skirt around).  I'm more of a green person than blue, but I think I will enjoy working with this beautiful collection.

The peacock feather print is what drew me to this collection, which is called Stella.  It almost feels like silk...yummy!

Sometimes the nicest things in life are in your own backyard!

Here's my handsome Hubby who so graciously and generously shares his life with me.   

Wishing you a day filled with Peace & Plenty ~~~  Barb

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