Thursday, April 4, 2013


I was happy to learn that my blog has readers from the United States, Germany, Poland, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Turkey, France and South Korea.  We're a regular United Nations of quilt enthusiasts.  Welcome to everyone who takes to time to stop and visit!

I have been working on another small quilt for the Pediatric Intensive Care unit.  This time it's a simple variation of the Disappearing Nine Patch (D9P) block.  The fabric is from the Googlies line.  I'm considering using the wild black fabric with circles for the border...too much?  Just right??  I will put a narrow white inner border on first and then whatever I choose for the outer border. 

It's been a sad week for us.  Our beloved Miss Molly (14 yo Scotty) is in the pet hospital and her future is unknown at this time.  We should get some test results later this morning.  If you are a pet lover, please think healing thoughts for her.  I have had Scotty dogs all my life and this one has been my kindred spirit.  You very seldom see me without Molly less than a step or two away. 

Wishing everyone who comes this was a blessed day.  Barb


  1. Sending loving thoughts to you and your Molly.

  2. Don't forget that one reader from the Netherlands........ ;)

    I have been thinking of you and ms Molly, hang in there!!!