Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon with young artist Trina Hawkins, a first-year college student majoring in Graphic Design.  Trina is the kind of young person who restores your faith in the younger generation.  She is not only talented, but works very hard and is on the Honor Roll!

One of Trina's art projects is so creative and well done, I wanted to share it with the followers of my blog.  You will recognize it as the famous Hat from Dr Seuss.  The painting alone is great, but Trina added her creative touch by bending wire (using two pairs of needlenose pliers) into the Dr. Seuss quote, "Think left ~ Think Right.  Think low ~Think High.  Oh, the things you can think up if only you try!"  The piece really draws you in and is so well done!  I can only imagine the time it took and how difficult it was to execute. 

Trina has also done an impresive body of work in photography ~~~ what can I say, she's an amazing artist! Trina is learning to follow her Bliss and she literally sparkles with creativity and enthusiasm about everything she is learning.  Her ultimate dream job is to work as an animator, but a degree in Graphic Design will open up a wide range of career opportunities for her.  I admire that she strives for excellence and her enthusiasm is definitely contagious! 

I brought a few of my quilts and embroidered pieces to share with Trina yesterday.  We spread everything out on the living room floor and talked about color, design, white space, creativity, imagination, etc.   Although she isn't a quilter or sewer, and I don't work in the same medium as Trina, we are able to appreciate, enjoy and share each other's passion for creating.  I have always believed that creativity sparks creativity and we spark from other creative people.  I know that I feel most 'alive' when I'm creating and I love the enthusiasm and excitement of planning and dreaming about something new to make!

I believe Trina will go far in her career.  With her talent and her willingness to work hard, she will be able to make her dreams come true.  One day we might see her name on a Pixar animated film! 

Remember to Follow your Bliss!!

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