Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Sometimes the most wonderful things just drop into our laps!  Last summer I bought a new sewing machine.  The difference in this machine and all others I have owned is that it has an embroidery feature.  Being a quilter I thought I would use the embroidery only for making an occasional quilt label.  Once I began playing and experimenting with embroidery designs, I found that machine embroidery is a real joy.

I didn't jump into the machine embroidery with both feet...I went in one toe at a time.  I find the supplies for embroidery quite expensive and, of course, we need all the gorgeous colors of thread.  Then there are the designs...even though my machine has pre-programmed designs, those are not the type of things that really interest me.  So off to the internet I went and entered the amazing world of digital embroidery designs.  Downloading the designs, transferring them to a memory card and then getting them into my machine took more than a little time for me to learn.  It's like second nature now.

Here are a few designs I'm currently working on.  These are fairy tale characters with some background dialogue often spoken by the villain of the tale.  I love the interplay of the scibbled test, the splash accent of red in each piece and the sketchy look of the black outlines.  I think these designs would work well in a quilt, framed to hang on the wall or turned into a small accent pillow.  What do you think?
Little Mermaid

The Glass Slipper from Cinderella

Little Red Riding Hood

The Ugly Duckling

Rapunzel, Rapunzel..Let Down Your hair
Sleeping Beauty

Please give me your honest opinion of these, as I'm thinking about offering them for sale.

Quilting will always be my passion...but I have to tell you, machine embroidery is so much fun!

Thank you for looking....

Wishing you a Bounty of Peace & Plenty....Barb


  1. I love these Barb. I especially like the Sleeping Beauty. she would be beautiful on a pillow....The mermaid would make a great picture in a frame. Love them!

  2. Beautiful and very creative. I love the idea of framed as well as for pillows. I bet they would sell on Etsy!

  3. Thank you Alana and Linda. I think I might see what happens on Etsy.

  4. I sincerely apologise for the email you received.I was well and truly hacked but BT have cleared my lap top

  5. These are stunning!Very creative and unique.