Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Anyone who knows me knows about my passion for Scottish Terriers.  I've loved and lived with them for about 45 years.  Dottie and Olive (below) are our 4th and 5th. The scottie above is from Pinterest and could be a twin to our Dottie.

Scotties are so loyal, funloving and mischevious that you can't help but love them.  They can also be stubborn as a mule, their least desirable trait.  Dottie is on the right (8 yrs) and Olive (6 yrs) is on the left.  Olive is small for the breed. 
A few years ago I made a small, humbly pieced scottie quilt top and set it aside for almost 15 years.  In 2009 I had it machine quilted.  I didn't  like the quilting pattern I chose so I removed all the quilting, took off the borders and put the little top back in a stack of UFOs for a few more years. 
Toward the end of 2015 I added a happy new border and  had it quilted again.  I have decided I will embellish the quilt with beads, buttons, bows and a little sparkle.  Here is a picture before embellishing ~~~

I will post pictures once the quilt is fancied up.  The original border was a traditional black and red checkerboard.  My Girls have never fit into a traditional mold and this bright red and aqua fabric almost jumped into my hands because it's so much like them.

I hope you have a furbaby to love and to love you back.  The few times I've been unable to have a dog were lonely for me.  Our home feels so empty without a dog.

Wishing you a day filled with peace and plenty....and puppy kisses if that makes you happy.......Barb 


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