Monday, June 17, 2013


Lately I've been getting 'blocked' when it comes to adding borders to quilt tops.  More than one quilt hangs in my closet waiting for their borders.  The one I'm working on right now is the Dresden Plate I pieced and appliqued over a year ago. 

In the back of my head I'm thinking I might scallop the edges of the borders after I get it back from being quilted.  In light of this, I cut my outside borders extra wide, thinking I could always trim them down if I decided against the scallops.  Now I'm thinking that the borders are overwhelming the design in the center of the quilt.

I can't catch what I'm seeing with the camera because I can't get an overhead shot.  At any rate, after I spread it out on the floor, the borders look less overwhelming than I thought.  I think I will go with my original plan to leave my options intact.

This is a pretty heavy quilt top.  The plates are appliqued onto cream fabric with small red dots.  I thought this would be a little more interesting.  I will keep you posted on the progress of this quilt.  For now I'm off to work on the borders and backing.

I wish you a great week filled with Peace & Plenty!!


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