Saturday, June 1, 2013


It's been a stormy weekend so far.  My prayers go out to the victims of the latest round of tornadoes in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  We had violent storms all night, but we fared well and had little damage.  This type of weather is supposed to continue for another week at lease.

Hubby and I worked at our old house today and painted ceilings in the dining and living rooms.   Talk about a task that no fun at all, but with such a nice end result.  It's amazing how dingy a white ceiling can get from gas heat.  We will continue with the face lift as time presents itself.

Every year on the first weekend of June our town hosts a professional rodeo for three nights.  The weather has played tricks on the rodeo this year, but the rodeo parade took place this morning down Main Street.  Normally rodeo weather is very hot and humid...not so this year with our chilly evening temperatures. 

Boneless loin pork chops are on our menu this evening.  Hubby worked so hard today I will surprise him with a skillet of fried potatoes with onions.  He says these make his tongue want to slap his brains out. Now there's a mental picture for you!! 

We have an unusually large number of box turtles in our yard right now.  One was taking a lovely sunbath on our front walkway when we got home.  He hurried under a bush when he saw me coming.  Box turtles have a rather tall shell...hence their name.  I have always loved large sea turtles.

I have a little time to sit and sew before making our dinner.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Wishing you Peace & Plenty.....Barb


  1. Barb glad you all were o.k. in the weather area. I wish you could send us some rain. My garden really needs it.

  2. I'm glad you came through the storms okay and I hope they're over for awhile. I have a feeling my white ceilings aren't as white as they used to be either. LOL! Have a great week!