Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tomatoes are my topic for the day ~ not the dirty part, but the scrappy part. 

In our container garden we need to tie our tomato plants up to keep the branches from breaking in the wind or from the weight of the fruit.  In the past we have tried using metal tomato cages, twine and garden wire and were never pleased with the outcome. I used old pantyhose for a few years with good results, but being retired I seldom have stockings anymore.  A few years ago I suggested we tie our plants up with strips of fabric and Viola! .....  we loved the result and have done it each year since.  Leave it to a quilter to get fabric into the garden!

We use recycled wooden stakes but each year the plants are supported with colorful strips of scrap fabric.  The pinks, purples and greens add a bit of color to our side yard.  Our tomatoes are doing remarkably well considering the inconsistent weather we have been having. 

We are enjoying beautiful weather with a smattering of storms, but overall we are having very nice days.  The painting at our old house continues.  I find it interesting how much upkeep an empty house requires.  Once again this re-enforces my belief that houses need people just like people need houses.  Once the face lift is completed we will put the old girl back on the market.  Although the real estate market is surging in other parts of the country, nothing ever changes in our area because we are so rural and have little to no industry.  The people here like it that way. 

I'm getting set up to try out some new embroidery designs.  Before that happens the sewing room must be straightened.  My order of prewound bobbins and stabilizer arrived yesterday.  I get very good service and products from  If you do machine embroidery this is a great link for supplies.  I buy all my thread from this company and have received excellent customer service.  The mini spools cost less than $1 each.  The thread quality is comparable to Madeira.  At this price I was able to buy most of their colors.  Now if I just had a rack large enough for them. 

I wish you a glorious summer day.  Until next time...


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  1. That is so fun! This is our second year using my "stash" of fabric to keep our tomatoes contained. Thanks for the link I might just place an order now....sigh...:-)