Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Our plans for a Memorial Day cookout didn't work out due to the bad weather warnings statewide and our friends not wanting to be traveling in case of emergency.  I couldn't blame them one bit.  

I did some online shopping yesterday and bought some Christmas embroidery designs that I'm excited about.  I want to incorporate my love for machine embroidery with my love of making quilts.  Maybe a holiday quilt would be a good place to start.  Until now I've just incorporated an embroidered design touch from time to time, mostly on quilt labels.

We had a visit from an intruder in the garden yesterday, a 6-foot long black snake.  They are non-poisonous, but often their bites become badly infected ~~

Hubby gave it a gentle nudge away from the hose and it raced off into the woods.  I have a serious hate-hate relationship with snakes after being bitten about 10 years ago while working in the garden.  Since then I make it a point to walk a country mile around them.  I still carry a shadow on my leg where I was bitten.  I know snakes have a purpose in nature but I want them to do their thing and leave me alone!

I will be painting in our old house in town again today.  I keep a radio on there so I can hear the weather, which changes from minute to minute.  In case of a tornado there's a basement there.  It would have to be a whopper of a tornado because guess what lives in the basement....a black snake!!!

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