Tuesday, May 21, 2013


After a night of severe storms we were able to check our property and all appears well, except for several large limbs down and some tomato plants that need some TLC. 

My thoughts, prayers and well wishes are going out to those who lost their loved ones and homes in the tornadoes of yesterday in Oklahoma and Kansas.  This is an unfathomable tragedy. 

We suffered major tornado damage in 2009 when our town was hit by a Derecho, a combination of hurricane and cyclone that rarely happens.  I guess it was the 'perfect storm'.  We are still dealing with the damage to our property four years later. 

I plan to make a few utility quilts for those who everything they owned. 

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  1. Here in England we complain about rain ,we do get a lot of it but rarely anything more frightening.
    I don't get much joy from impatiens ,I love them ,but , they do not like rain , their stems are watery and they get bedraggled and don't recover .
    I have pricking out to do, being a one woman band I struggle to do it all this time of year .