Monday, May 20, 2013


This is the time of year when I find it difficult keeping up with everything  ~~  the family, friends, yard, garden, quilting, etc.  Mowing our property is almost a full time job.

The hummingbirds are eating a quart of food per day now and they swarm all over my hair whenever I go outside.  I really think they know who feeds them!!

This morning I went to our old house and began painting the dining room.  I think I will finish trimming around the windows tomorrow and hopefully get the old woodwork painted on Wednesday.  Then on to the large living room, followed by a bathroom and small bedroom.  Bathrooms are deceptively tricky to paint, with all their gidgets and gadgets to paint around and behind!   I will try to take some pictures during this adventure.

In short, I've been neglecting my blog because I'm pulled in so many directions right now.  I know everyone understands being too busy.  This is the generation of the overly occupied.

I wish you all a beautiful early summer and promise I will make an effort to keep in touch better.

Peace & Blessings ~~~~  Barb


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  1. I want to paint my kitchen dresser , the paint has been sitting looking at me for 2 weeks !!