Saturday, December 7, 2013


The arctic blast that has been moving across the US left us with a layer of ice topped with about 9 inches of snow.  Technically I'm housebound because of living on a private road that is never plowed or graded.  I drive a small car that can't even get out of the garage in weather like this.  For now I'm very content to stay at home knowing I have no choice in the matter.

This is the first snow Dottie and Olive have ever seen or walked in.  Sweet Olive sinks up to the top of her short legs and looks like a swimmer in slow motion when she moves.  Dottie is still trying to figure out the snow so she can conquer it her way.

I don't mind being snowbound for a few days.  This is a good time to catch up in the sewing room and maybe get my fabric more organized.  I have a stack of Christmas cards and a package that need to go to the post office.  Our satellite went out yesterday and the roof is too icy to attempt to clean off the dish.  This is the perfect time to listen to the radio or Christmas carols.  My only worry is that if we lose power we have no back-up heat. 

Wherever you are I hope you are safe and warm and have plenty of food on hand.  Wednesday I went to the grocery store for a few critical items and there was no (I mean zero) bread and very little milk.  I bought hamburger buns as a substitute for sliced bread.  In a pinch I can make my own bread and may do that just because I have the ingredients and the smell of bread baking is intoxicating. 

Take Care ~~~~~  Barb

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