Monday, December 30, 2013


~~~ but being indoors is so delightful!  Miss Dottie woke me this am at 3:40 needing to go outdoors.  The wind was howling and the thermometer said 6 degrees.  I would bet that with wind chill it was at or below zero.  Not a fit temperature for man nor beast.  Of course, the Girls went right back to sleep after we came back in, but I wasn't so lucky.

I'm taking the week between Christmas and New Year's to do some advance work on Christmas projects for next year. Everything will be packed away neatly and I will pull my projects out in October and finish things up.  All I can tell you is that my embroidery machine is involved.

I'm resolving not to make any new resolutions for 2014.  Creatively speaking I plan to work on the Group projects I signed up for and try to finish up some of my UFOs.  Those are the unfinished projects that haunt my mind when I can't sleep.  Before we got the Girls in July, if I couldn't sleep I would wander into the sewing room and work on my quilts.  I no longer have that luxury.  Once Dottie hears me sneaking through the house she begins to growl and it soon turns into full-on barking.  This means she is ready for a new day.  My life is much simpler if I lie in bed and listen to the rhythm of Jeff's CPAP machine.  Sooner or later (usually 10 minutes before the alarm goes off) I drift off to sleep. 

Next weekend we will take our Christmas tree down and pack everything away for another year.  I always try to pack away little resentments and hard feelings away at the same time and not allow them to taint my fresh new year. 

I wish for you and your family everything good, wholesome and joyful for 2014!

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