Wednesday, July 2, 2014


After a morning of baking dog biscuits and doing laundry, I'm back at the sewing machine to work on the Luna Notte II quilt. Yesterday I began sewing the rows together into sections.  Since there will be nine rows of blocks I am sewing three sections of three rows together and then the three will be joined together.  It's pretty slow going with the many interruptions. I've had for the past two days.  

My goal is to have this quilt to Reggie (my LAQer) by next Friday.  That gives me a few more sewing days.  I have to make a decision about the borders and since this fabric is no longer available in yardage I will have to use what I have on hand.  This is wonderful fabric to work with.  It almost feels like silk and the prints are gorgeous and lush. 

I will ask your opinion about the borders once I get to that point and locate the LN fabric I have on hand.

The last batch of dog biscuits is ready to come out of the oven.  Wishing you a wonderful day!!

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