Monday, June 30, 2014


I think I'm having a case of blogger's block lately.  There's very little to write about and little or nothing happening in my sewing room.

It's a brilliant hot summer day in our area.  After the storms of the weekend it's nice seeing the sunshine again.  The grass is growing like crazy and this will result in another mowing marathon.

So far today I did some housework, laundry and ran errands in town.  I just have the living room to finish cleaning and the house will be under control again. 

I'm at a loss for an idea for our dinner tonight.  Pasta may make another appearance on our table along with an Italian chopped salad.  I think that sounds good.  Jeff isn't fussy as long as I cook plenty.  He works hard and eats like a working man.

I have dibs and dabs of things all over the sewing room.  It's hard for me to feel creative when things are in a mess like this.....

Stacks of blocks waiting to be sewn into rows ~~  Rows of blocks waiting to be pressed ~~  Dottie taking a nap nearby in her baby bed.  Dottie is always at my side ~~  A stack of 3D bowtie blocks waiting to be remade into baby quilts.  This was the last piecing my Mom did ~~  My desk area.  See the 4 leaf clovers?  Jeff collects these for me.  Isn't that the sweetest thing?

I'm off now to vacuum the living room and quit for the day.  I hope you're having a wonderful Monday.  Thanks for stopping by ~~  come again any time!

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