Monday, June 2, 2014


After a long weekend of work it feels good to begin a new week.  The Girls are at the groomer this morning and they had to be there no later than 6 am.  This is a chore because the groomer is in the next town.  We don't have a groomer or a vet in our town.  Most of the time we don't even have a doctor here. The Girls will be ready to be picked up at noon.  Olive really hates to be groomed because she doesn't like anyone picking and poking on her.  I'm the only one she trusts with her feet and ears.  She fought me all the way as I carried her in.  Dottie reluctantly went in  like a martyr on a leash.  They will be mad at me for two days after this betrayal!

Here's the mini tumbler runner that's ready to be quilted ~~~

I added a strip of white and red bands on both ends. 

I started working on a Framed Square quilt for my daughter this weekend.  She wants one like the one I made for us a couple years ago.  I managed to get the fabric but I had to shop all over the internet to get it.  I will put different borders on hers so the two quilts aren't identical.  Here's our Luna Notte quilt

The outer border is not related to the Luna Notte fabric line.  It's a toile fabric I bought locally.  I often work in an unrelated fabric for borders and also incorporate a little of it in the quilt top.  In this case I framed a couple of the blocks with the border fabric so the border didn't stick out like a sore thumb.  Reggie quilted a rose in the center of each block and then stippled everything else except the outer borders, where she did a beautiful feather design.   

Here are a few of the blocks for my daughter's Luna Notte quilt.  I hope to have the top sewn together by next Monday and then off to the quilter.

We are having storms with lightning and I think it wise to get off here and unplug until it passes.

Wishing you a great Monday....make someone's day by giving them your best smile.

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  1. I love your tumbler runner and the quilt top is always do such an excellent is apparent that you love to quilt!!!
    have a good day! I love your blog, too...Carol