Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I just finished binding the mini tumbler table runner I've been working on in my spare time. 

Cutting the tumblers was a little fussy but sewing them together wasn't too bad. Reggie did the quilting for me and as usual she did a great job.  She surprised me with it yesterday by bringing it to me and leaving it on our front door. 

The runner finished up 17x40 inches.  I had no pattern, I just did my own thing.  The quilting in the red bands is especially cute.  Thanks, Reggie!!

Now I can work on the Luna Notte quilt for our daughter.  I have a deadline so maybe I can get motivated.

We just bought a new clothes dryer that has a Steam feature.  I experimented today by running a 3-yard piece of wrinkled 108" quilt backing through the steam cycle and it came out wrinkle free.  I always have had to press my backings and the super wide ones seem to take forever.  This will save me measurable time. 

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday....

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  1. Beautiful table runner! Your quilter did an amazing job too! I've been eyeballing the tumbler patterns but haven't tried one yet. Congrats ok the new dryer too! That's one feature that our new dryer doesn't have that I wish it did :-(

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie