Thursday, June 12, 2014


I think our impatiens are especially pretty this year.  The blossoms seems to be larger than normal.  We always plant two tubs and the old washtub (top) with impatiens.  They come in several different colors, each prettier that the other.  The white ones are delicate and so gorgeous.  The old-fashioned name for an impatien is sultana.  I learned this a few years ago when the nursing home van filled with their residents showed up to view my sultana garden!  It tickled some of the old-timers that I didn't know the 'real' name. 

I'm planning a quiet day and that means a walk in the woods with the Girls followed by breakfast on the patio watching the hummingbirds.  The hummers are drinking more than a quart of nectar per day now.  The grass needs mowing, the windows need to be washed and our carpet needs cleaning, but I'm determined to rest today.  I've come to terms with the fact that I'm older now and I need to pace myself. 

I guess I need to dig through the UFO shelf and find another project to work on after I make the Luna Notte quilt for my daughter.  My sewing is going along at a comfortable pace for me right now.  I'm pleased to have finished three UFOs so far this year. 

I'm off to find my boots for our walk.  Everything is so wet and muddy, but it's an excellent morning to poke around in the woods and let the Girls have some fun.

Wishing you a day filled with whatever makes you feel good about life. 

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