Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Like many of the Midwestern states we have been having high wind and storms since yesterday.  So far we haven't had any damage but I've been busy unplugging and replugging all day.  For much of the day is has been nearly as dark as night.

Tomorrow morning we will close escrow on our old house.  It will feel odd to turn over the keys to a stranger.  This is a good thing and we are looking forward to it.

Yesterday I picked up my You've Got Mail quilt from Reggie.  It turned out ever so nice!  I had to order a different piece of fabric for the binding.  I will post pictures as soon as the binding is done.  I love French General fabric and I seem to buy every line that comes out.  The colors are similar in most of their lines, which will make for a nice scrap quilt some day.

I made a large bowl of macaroni salad today and we will eat it with a ham steak and sliced tomatoes.  It's too hot to cook any more than that.  I will surprise Jeff with a homemade cheesecake for dessert tonight.   

Wishing you all a good day...

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