Sunday, August 10, 2014


I bought some beautiful Michigan blueberries that I've been nibbling on for a few days.  As good as they were, I was craving blueberry muffins and that's exactly what we had with our breakfast this morning.  Sometimes nothing but homemade will do.  I put a topping on these but they are perfect without.  So our menu was bacon, eggs and blueberry muffins. 

I wish the rest of our day could be as lazy as the morning, but  
we are going outdoors to cut up a pine tree that had to be taken down last week. This tree, a 100+ foot yellow pine, was killed by boring beetles.  We need to burn this tree to kill as many of the bugs as possible.  We will be two tired pups after this job is done.

I hope you have a happy Sunday with your family and friends.  We could use a helping hand with the tree if you're in the neighborhood. 

                           Wishing you Peace & Plenty

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