Friday, August 29, 2014


I've had several quiet days with very little accomplished.  Our weather has been scorching hot with Weather Advisories almost every day.  We have a chance of rain today and tomorrow and we need it desperately.  We are still watering the flowers twice a day and even that isn't enough to save all of them.  Their beautiful colors are blanching out and they are totally droopy.

It will soon be September, my favorite month.  My Mom and my late dear friend Ruthie were born in September three days apart.  Normally September is the month for the yellow butterflies that announce the end of Summer.  Some years we get them in late August but so far I haven't seen one. 

Dottie and Olive are really feeling the heat.  Summer can be hard on black dogs. Their time outdoors is limited and we make sure they have plenty of cold water at all times.  They have been getting an occasional spoon of ice cream in the evenings.  We have been enjoying root beer floats and the Girls now know the wonder of how straws work!

I have been piddling around with the embroidery machine a little.  I did make a decision about the next quilt I will make, it will be a Double Irish Chain.  I bought an interesting class on Craftsy called Twisted Irish Chain and the instructor has some very good ideas and she demystifies the process of the double and triple chains. 

We don't have any grand plans for the weekend.  We will work in Cuba tomorrow and then Jeff will have three more days off.  We may drive up north to visit some friends or maybe take a short trip to visit family.

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, be safe. 

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