Friday, August 8, 2014


For the last week I've been enjoying my embroidery machine again.  I dug out a box that contained the thread for making some free-standing lace (FSL) Christmas ornaments and I've been having a ball.  Every year I seem to get this urge in the hottest part of Summer and I shut myself in the sewing room to work on early Christmas items...I call these my Snow Days.

Last year I ran across a gorgeous embroidered angel ornament at Urban Threads.  Since then I've looked forward to making a few more as gifts for family.  Do you remember this angel?

This sweet little ornament takes almost 3 hours to stitch out if you don't have any problems.  I always have a few thread breaks to fix.  The body/robe is one large piece and each wing is stitched separately.  These are stitched on water soluble stabilizer and once done they have to be soaked and laid out to dry.  Once dry they are constructed and embellished.  If you want to hang your angel on a tree branch, put the head on with the hanger on top.  If you have a small tree and would like your angel on the top, put the head on with the hanger inside the body.  Each one is a labor of love.  Here's the site to buy the design:  Once there type in Lace Angel in the search bar and it will pop up in this size and a smaller version also.  If you decide to make these and would like a few tips I've learned along the way just let me know.
Back to my growing stack of angel parts.  Enjoy your day!

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