Friday, August 1, 2014


Here is our daughter's birthday quilt I finished last night.  It's a simple Framed Square pattern made from the Luna Notte line of fabric from Moda. 

The pattern is a simple Framed Square with an inner and outer border.  I made a quilt nearly identical to this for us a couple years ago, with the only difference being the borders.  Here is ours for comparison ~~

The borders on our quilt are a toile fabric that I think coordinates well with the Luna Notte line.  The borders on our daughter's quilt are from the Luna Notte line.  Both quilts used two charm packs and two jellyrolls, but you could easily cut your own 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips from yardage. 

It's time for me to decide what to make next.  I have been playing with some machine embroidery designs with an eye toward Christmas gifts.  Yes, it's almost that time again. 

Our local fabric store is having a sale this week that I haven't been able to resist.  Here's some darling little girl fabric I bought yesterday ~~

Of course I also had to buy a few coordinating fabrics, but that's part of being a fabricholic, isn't it?

If I have my way this will be a quiet Friday.  I will make a big bowl of slaw to go with our dinner of BLT sandwiches and baked waffle fries.  Keeping dinner simple will let me spend most of the day in the sewing room.  Dottie thinks this is a very good idea and she has already called dibs on her old baby bed in the sewing room ~~~

Have a great Friday!

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