Thursday, June 4, 2015


I spent a few cozy hours sewing together the rows of curved log cabin blocks together yesterday (I will post pictures after the borders are added). The house was quiet except for some background music and I sewed and pondered life.  Sometimes I try to imagine how different my life would be if I didn't have creative work to do with my hands.  Again I thank my precious grandmother and great-grandmother who taught me to sew, embroider, crochet and knit.  I'm positive I was a challenge to teach, but my desire to learn and do everything they did was enough for them.  Thank you, thank you Nan and Grammy.

The weather in our area can't decide what it's doing.  The farmers are frantically cutting hay and crossing their fingers that it will dry enough to bale it before the next rain, which is predicted for tomorrow.  This is a very unsettling year to be a farmer....when is it not!

I have a sick scottie girl today.  I believe our Sweet Olive must have eaten a frog or a lizard because her tummy is giving her fits.  She's our little huntress.  Dottie sounds the alarm and Olive bursts into high gear.  After a little Pepto this morning she seems a little more settled, but she wants me to hold her while she whimpers.  At times like this I give her drops of water from a short straw and allow her to nap on our bed and she feels extra special.  I'm quite sure she will be hunting again tomorrow.

I hope all is sunny and warm in your corner of the world.  Take care and share a smile with someone you don't makes them wonder what you're up to!

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  1. I am sorry that Olive isn't feeling well - I worry about my Frenchies when they are sick - they really are closer than family when you are with them every day. I have 3 French Bulldogs and they are super special and receive special treatment every day from me and my husband - but they give us so much joy in return. I wanted you to know that I do read your blog - I really enjoy it and I do live in a small town like you do as well - my joy in life is quilting and my 3 boys Clyde, Dozer, and Shorty.
    Also, I enjoy your beautiful quilts.