Wednesday, May 11, 2016


After almost a full day of trying to make room in my sewing room and organize my supplies I have to admit that I've exhausted the limits of the room.  It seems that all I can do is move everything around.  I'm sure the solution is to get busy and sew up some of the piles of fabric and also to quit buying new fabric ~~~ like that's going to happen!  I'm doomed. 

I managed to fit most of the charm squares into one drawer and create a smidgeon of room in a small cubby for some of my special gray fabrics.  How is it that I need a cubby for the 'special' gray fabric?  What makes this stack more special than the rest of the grays? Here's are pictures of the special grays and the charms in their new homes ~~~~

That was the extent of my success.  Fortunately all of my house is not in this mess.

Today feels like a genuine summer day, hot and very humid.  We are supposed to get more storms tonight and tomorrow but until then we will enjoy the sunshine. 

I hope the sun is shining in your corner of the world.

Thanks for stopping by...............Barb

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  1. I have a good sized plastic container stacked full of charm packs, layer cakes, and a few jelly rolls...and that's not including the batik and solid pre-cuts. I think I'm definitely a fabric-holic! Have a great week!