Friday, October 14, 2016


This is another dreary day.  Some people have trouble dealing with days like this, but I love them.  There's nothing nicer than lighting a few candles, making a cup of tea and settling in with a good book or some sewing.  Dottie and Olive love these days, too.  Here's what Dottie has been up to this morning......

My sewing room is looking like it exploded, or may imploded would be a better word.  I'm working on two quilts that I need to get to my quilter asap since she's retiring the end of this year.  Here's a peek at two of the blocks for our Christmas quilt....                                 

I will be making a large pot of beef stew this afternoon for dinner and take half of it to our neighbors.  Time permitting I may put together a couple loaves of beer bread to go with the stew. 

I hope you are snug and cozy wherever you are.  Thanks for stopping in ~~~~~

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