Monday, July 9, 2012

Quilting For Real

It was a long, hot weekend for us.  We worked in our apartments both days getting vacancies ready to rent again.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!!  The little town of Cuba, where our apartments are located, was hit by a tornado Saturday evening.  Many trees were uprooted, roofs and signs were destroyed, even the Golden Arches were damaged!  There was, sadly, one death related to the storm.  Our property and tenants fared well and we had a small amount of damage and we are very thankful for this. 

Sewing has been on a back burner for me for a few weeks now.  Summer is our busiest time of the year with all the mowing, gardening and outdoor chores.  Watch out when Fall gets here and the sewing machine purrs all day long!

I really enjoy this blogspot and appreciate everyone who takes the time to drop in and leave comments.  Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I have to be away for a day or longer, but that's just life.  When things slow down for me this Winter I hope to be able to put together a few tutorials to share here.  There are a couple of blocks I'm excited about and think my followers will enjoy.  If I had better photography and computer skills, my blog could offer so much more.  But it's simple and comfortable and I like it that way.  Granny's Gab and Cottonreel are two blogs I follow with the same 'drop in and visit with a friend' feeling to them.  I hope my followers feel that way about my blogspot.  There's a new blog that's very nice also, Kizzies Korner, that shows a lot of promise and wonderful graphics.  I wish her the best.

Today I would like to share one of my most special old quilts made by Grammy Rose. 

This red and white pieced quilt is hand quilted in a 1/4" grid.  The quilting is beautiful, although the quilt is very worn.  I don't know the name of the pattern, so if anyone knows I would love to hear from you.  I remember Grammy quilting this on her frame that lowered from the ceiling in the parlor.  It was on this quilt I was allowed to add some of my first hand quilting 'for real'.  I was seven years old.  I remember being thrilled about being allowed to sew on this and I can still see which stitches were mine.  Grammy was proud of my uneven stitches and left them in her beautiful quilt.  Every day until the quilt was finished I would run to the frame and make sure my stitches were still there!  I hope you have happy quilting memories to warm your heart.

Until we meet again,  I pray your life is filled with Peace & Plenty.


  1. Thanks for sharing Barb, the quilt is so pretty...all that hand sewing...I love it...Carol

  2. I so wish that I had been able to know my maternal grandmother - she was the quilter in the family. Sadly she passed about four years before I was born.

    It is really wonderful that your stitches are in this quilt! It is beautiful.