Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Week

After a long weekend of work at our apartments, which are in another town 60 miles away,  we got home yesterday early evening exhausted.  Our dinner was patty melts and sliced garden tomatoes.  After a shower and a little TV we were in bed very early ~ I believe it wasn't quite dark.  Hubby and I both feel we are getting too old for this. 

Today begins a new week and hopefully a break in the heat we have been enduring for about three weeks now.  The lovely pink impatiens in front of our garage are so wilted and the color has faded tremendously.  Everything in the garden is barely hanging on.  We are battling hoards of ants, spiders and wasps that are looking for water and finding it in and around our flowers and tomato plants.  A few minutes watching the Weather Channel convinced us we could have it a lot worse.  I pray for those suffering with no electricity and water.

Very little sewing has been done around here lately due to having too many other things on my plate.  I have been planning a few projects for the holidays and I still have several UFO's to finish and send off to my quilter.  Summer is my least productive season for sewing   Lately we are always in the garden or mowing. 

We're growing our tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets this year to help eliminate weeding and making for easier harvesting.  Tomatoes don't like this blistering heat, which can cause them to get burned on their shoulders (around the stem) and rot from the inside out.  For now we savor every tomato sandwich we are able to eat.

I began working on a few of the little flags that I mentioned in an earlier blog, but having so little time right now has taken my enthusiasm for this project.  I will tuck them away until next year.

Wherever you are, keep cool and enjoy your day.

Peace and Blessings...Barb

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