Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Scrappy Find

This is a late day for me because I mowed for three hours this morning and got it done...YAY!

It's another midwest scorcher today, so it's going to be tuna salad in garden tomatoes for supper tonight.  We eat a lot of sandwiches in hot weather or I cook one large dish so we can have leftovers for another meal.  The heat takes the starch out of this cook.

I shared this on the Missouri Star forum yesterday, but here it goes again for those who don't read the forum.  While at the antique mall where we have a booth I spotted this darling old quilt in the booth next to ours~ ~ ~

I know this pattern as Single Wedding Ring, although sometimes blocks have multiple names.  A quilter on the forum said it reminds her of the 45 rpm records that predated electronics and another said it reminds her of Cheerios ~ both good things with good memories!

The fabrics in the quilt are quite old and that's what drew my eye to it.

I can tell that old clothing was used to make most of the blocks.  The backing is solid off-white cotton.  It's hand quilted and in excellent condition.  I love that it has no borders and I like the way the binding sets it off.

This charmer makes me want to dig out my scraps and see what I can make.  The cherry on the sundae is that it cost just $45.  I haven't run across a real deal on a quilt in a while, so I feel really fortunate to have found this one. 

Of all the quilts I've made and all the others I admire, I still love scrappy quilts best. 

Best wishes for a good day...Barb

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