Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stash Buster

Our weatherman is predicting the possibility of strong storms for us today with potential for damaging straight-line wind and hail.  We have secured everything possible outdoors and I'm ready to pull plugs and dive into my closet, with Miss Molly, if needed.  I'm not much of a 'skeerdycat' but there are storms and then there are STORMS.  I'm not too proud to take refuge in my 'hidey hole' if needed.  The atmosphere outdoors is that eerie, too quiet 'before the storm' feeling.  After our derecho/cyclone of 2009 when over 150 of our trees were ripped out of the ground and tossed around like toothpicks, we take no chances.  We have the ultimate respect for storms.

Yesterday I made a quick trip to the grocery store and bought all sorts of convenience foods to lighten the cooking load around here for several days.  Normally I don't shop this way, so it was somewhat of an adventure.  Frozen everything is stacked in our freezer and I can whip up a delightful meal in no time.  I also bought two rotisserie chickens, which are a real time savers.  We ate one with salad and scalloped potatoes last night and the other one will make its debut as chicken enchiladas tomorow.  Yay, more time to sew!

I began working on some Halloween blocks for a group swap a few days ago.  So far I'm enjoying the process and think the blocks are cute.  Here are a few ~~

These are easily made by beginning with a center block (approximately 5 inches) with five sides and adding strips round and round.  Pressing and trimming after adding each strip is important. This is not fancy sewing, but it's fun sewing and a great way to use up some of your novelty prints...or why not make an old-fashioned crazy block quilt with this technique.

One small challenge of this project  for me was the tangled mess of strips that were taking over my sewing table.  Here's my solution ~~

I set up the ironing board to the left of my sewing chair at a right angle to the sewing table.  I lowered the ironing board so the strips are easy to reach. 

Once your pieced block is large enough, give it a good press and use a square ruler to cut out your block, putting the center patch as close to the center of your block as possible.  I plan to put sashing around each block and then a border.  This pattern would make a nice Christmas or Fall quilt also.  This pattern is a great stash buster!

This project reminds me that Fall is just around the corner and cooler days will be here soon.

Wishing you a wonder day filled to overflowing with Peace & Plenty!

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  1. My GKs would love the halloween blocks but I have only one fatquarter that's black background with the word "Boo" on it. Not much of a stash. lol

    Yours look really cute and scary though! :D