Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pastime or Passion?

As a quilter I think about, ponder and plan quilts constantly.   I carry a notebook with my Bucket List of  Quilts in my purse at all times.  One of the first things my friends ask of me when we meet is what I'm quilting now.   My fabric cabinet has one large shelf dedicated to unfinished quilt projects (UFOs).  Truthfully, I have UFOs in a few places in addition to the shelf.  The non-quilters in my life think it's nice that I have a hobby to pass the time.  They just don't get it  ~~  quilting is my passion, not a mere pastime!  If it was a pastime intended to fill idle moments would I eat, breathe and dream quilts!  Would I ooh and aah over the quilts I see others make and have an emergency plan for saving the quilts in case of fire, storm or evacuation!   Yes, friends, I'm a confessing quilting fanatic!!  Quilty as charged is my plea!

I lived in Nevada for 22 years and loved the stark, colorful beauty of the desert.  Sunsets there were something to write poetry about.  When we decided to move back home to Missouri I wanted to bring a memento of Nevada with us ~ something other than a slot machine!  I was fortunate to meet up with the history conservator for Nevada and learned she had a few quilts available to sell to residents.  The small quilt I'm showing you today was made in the early 1800's in northern Nevada at a reservation school for girls. 

The quilt is twin size and is hand appliqued and hand quilted.  It's in fair shape for a quilt made in the early 1800's.  The binding is very worn but, considering its age, the red fabric has held up very well.  I like the border design that's made from four hearts.   The red/green/white colors make it a natural to bring out for Christmas. 

Until next time I wish you Peace & Plenty!


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  1. Barb, that is such a pretty quilt. Amazing that it's in such great shape being that old.

    Don't have a single quilt in house. Escape plan for all the fabric is in place, fill up all the suitcases after the photos, jewelry, silver and Delft Blue. lol Oh and take Isodore with me too and Lily, the Singer only if there's room and time. Sorry Singer!