Friday, June 29, 2012

Christmas In July

In weather like this I look forward to having Fall and Winter arrive so we can snuggle under the heavy winter quilts.  I long for walks in the woods, picking up pinecones, wearing sweatshirts and sweaters, making snow men and snow angels, heavy socks and boots,  drinking hot chocolate and eating beef stew and chili.   

July 1st marks the prime quilting time for starting your winter/holiday projects.  Now is the time to make your list and begin buying everything you need.  There's a wonderful new tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company for jar quilts ~ how quick and cute are they!!  Adults and children alike would love one of these.  Holiday prints are appearing in the quilt shops and online and I can't wait to dig out my leftover holiday projects from last year and finish them. 

One of my favorite little projects is making Christmas stockings from cutter quilts ~ those beautiful old quilts that have been loved nearly to death.  I cut stockings from the useable part of the quilt and attach a small doily to act as the cuff.  I don't mind if the stocking looks a little tattered ~ to me this adds to the charm.  If you only have enough of the quilt for the front of the stocking, that's okay, too.  Just use a coordinating fabric on the back side.   These are always appreciated gifts for quilters or quilt lovers.  These stockings are a good place to use old buttons and trims.  Sometimes I use a loop of rick-rack for the hanger. 

I hope to make a new tree skirt this year and I need to make several stockings.  I see some mug rugs and placemats on my growing list also. 

While you endure the heat today, remember that cooler weather is just around the corner and the holidays will be here before we know it!

Wishing you a blessed day...Stay cool and safe....Barb

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