Monday, June 11, 2012

Pinnies, Swaps and Valances

It's going to be a hot summer day with high humidity.  If only some of that humidity would convert to rain!  I've never seen such a dry year.  The farmers are really suffering.  Their fields yielded so little hay and there is little chance of a second cutting this year. 

This weekend got away from me.  I piddled at this and that and before I knew it the weekend was gone.  Today I will make valances ~ one for my sewing room and one for the booth.  Here are my fabrics.  The green is for the booth, but I'm undecided about which of the others to use in my sewing room.  I'm leaning toward the purple fabric at the bottom of the picture.

I belong to an online quilt forum and we're always swapping blocks or making items for others.  Sometimes we do swaps just for fun, as in the case of a pincushion (pinnie) swap that's currently taking place.  We were asked to make one pinnie and mail it away to the person in charge of the swap and wait for a pinnie to magically show up in the mail!  It sounded like fun, so here is what I will be sending off for some other quilter ~

This little confection is made on a salt shaker that's covered with a doily that's held in place by a piece of trim.  The bottle contains faux pearls and beads and there are three special beaded pins in the top.  Granted this is not a practical pinnie, but it's one I would like to have in my sewing room.  I hope the recipient will like it. 

Until next time I wish you a life filled with Peace & Plenty.

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