Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And Away I Mow!!

It's going to be a genuine Midwest scorcher today.  It's very humid and the temperatures will come close to the 100 degree mark.  Hubby gassed up the mower for me so I can get the front yard under control before it gets too hot.  Mowing is the 5th season in the Midwest and runs from April through mid October.  It's a happy day when we mow for the last time in the Fall!!!

For many years I lived in places without four seasons.  In California it was temperate all the time.  My years in Las Vegas were hot and hotter.  That's not to say it didn't cool down in the winter, but a hoodie was about all you needed to keep warm.  There is a certain rhythm to life when you have four seasons.  Spring is a time of renewal and everything springs to life.  I dream about planting flowers and gardens and Easter egg hunts for the kids ~ in the Summer we work in our gardens, grill, fish, drink gallons of iced tea and mow and mow some more ~ in the Fall we begin to slow down and make preparations for Winter, bringing in firewood and putting in the storm windows. This is the time the heavy quilts come out of the closet!  The final harvest is brought in and it's time to make applesauce and apple butter.  One of my favorite days of the year is applesauce making day.  The house smell of apples and cinnamon for several days after this production.   Winter is a delightful mixed bag of indoor and outdoor activities.  There is always the thrill of the first snow and the possibility of being stranded if we get an ice storm.  I love being snowed in for a few days!   

If all goes well today I will bake more zucchini bread this afternoon and find another quilting project to work on.  My stack of UFO's is getting shorter and before long I will be able to start some new projects!   

Wherever you are, enjoy this beautiful summer day.

Wishing you a blessed day ~ Barb

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