Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Rain Has Come!!

I have been absent for a day or two.  I believe I have been experiencing writer's block.  I normally have so much to say (too much some would say!) but the well has been a bit dry.  I blame it on not feeling quite as well as usual.

At last the rain came yesterday.  We had an impressive electrical storm that took out our power and water for a few hours.  The glorious thing is that we got rain for about two hours ~~~ wonderful, reviving rain!
The weather today was perfect and everything in the garden looks so refreshed.

I am enjoying sewing in my newly organized room.  I have several projects to wind up before I go on to the next.  I work on several quilts at once.  I know other quilters who wouldn't dream of having more than one project in the works at a time.  Since we have no quilt police around here I work my way in my time.

When I was a young quilter I focused on making traditional quilts ~~ Double Wedding Ring, Log Cabin, Churn Dash, Nine Patch, Dresden Plate, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Crown of Thorns, etc.  I'm glad I began quilting on the tried and true patterns passed on from quilters over the generations.  There are so many new and exciting quilt patterns today that my mind can hardly keep them straight ~~  Disappearing Nine Patch, Jellyroll Race Quilt, Magic Square,  Double Slice, Wacky Web, Rag Quilts, etc.  The new techniques and tools to make these modern quilts are just as fantastic!

There is a wealth of online quilting tutorials for beginners or for those of us who want to learn the latest and greatest techniques.  While there are many terrific teachers, my favorite is Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Each tutorial is like a visit with an old friend.

For the past year I have taken my quilt tops to a local long-arm quilter.  I am no longer able to hand quilt everything as I once did since arthritis moved into my quilting finger.  At first not being able to hand quilt bothered me.  Then I realized how many more quilts I could get finished and actually begin using or give to others and I perked right up!  My wonderful quilter, Miss Reggie, has done a beautiful job on everything I've taken her.  She co-partners with me on every quilt and I'm happy to include her name on my labels.   

Whether you make traditional or modern quilts ~~  whether you piece them by hand or with your sewing machine ~~  whether you hand quilt them or send them out to be quilted  ~~  I applaud you for helping to keep the creative art of quilting alive.  God bless the long-arm quilters who help us achieve our dream in cloth.  

Until next time I wish you days filled with Peace & Plenty.

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  1. Thanks Barb, I love to read your blogs...they are so interesting...I seem to have mental blocks when I try to comment or post...I am in awe when someone like you can write what they feel and know so well...have a great day