Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Sewing Space

I's a bright and beautiful morning.  Hubby is off to work and my day is going to be slow and steady. 

The fabric storage section of my sewing room is pretty much together and I have a few pictures to share with you  ~~

The three cabinets are actually wardrobes that were purchased at Lowe's and Hubby and I assembled them together, although Hubby did far more of the work than I.  My sewing space is 10x12 feet and these cabinets pretty much fill up the whole 10 ft wall.  For added safety they were bolted to wall studs to prevent tipping.  Since my room is carpeted (I would prefer hardwood) we put plywood under the cabinets to further stabilize them.  A few old quilts, baskets and a doll and wooden thread box are on the top.

I wrapped 1-4 yards of fabric on comic book boards and sorted them by color or type.  Each color or type has its own shelf.  This cabinet houses black, brown, blue, green, pink/purple and orange fabrics.  The wrapped boards stand in the back of each shelf and the FQ's are folded and placed in plastic shoe boxes in front of the wraps.  You might notice a few works in progress also, as well as a drawer that holds miscellaneous notions.

Cabinet #2 holds whites/creams, red, yellow/gold, Christmas prints, batiks and Asian prints.  There is also a bobbin winder on the red shelf and a jar of hexagon paper foundations on the yellow shelf.  The bottom of the cabinet houses batting and bags of 2 1/2" strips.  The old canning jar holds stuffed chenille hearts.  There is also a stack of small quilts on the third shelf on the right. 

The drawers are so nice and roomy.  The top one holds thread and needles; the middle drawer houses rotary cutters (stored in eyeglass cases) and the bottom one hold templates and small rulers.

The last cabinet houses solids, 1930's reproduction fabrics, works in progress, pre-cuts, quilt backings, large cuts of fabric on the bottom shelf, assorted yarn and a sewing machine.  The drawers hold quilt blocks waiting to be sewn together and 2 1/2 strips.

In contrast the far side of the room still needs work.  I bought a new 8 foot table and 6 foot table and placed them against each other in an 'L'.  Until I make my mind up about a new sewing machine (or not) I'm happy to sew on folding tables.  I currently sew on a Memory Craft 4000 (Janome) and love it.  I've had it almost 20 years and it's been a workhorse and has never been in the shop.  The other machine in the photo is a Baby Lock Sashiko machine.  It makes only one stitch but that stitch looks like quality hand quilting (except on the back side). The tub under the table is full of scraps and the basket on the left holds batting pieces for table runners and small projects.  There is room for me to press and trim blocks to the right of the machine.  Now I have extra space to the left of the machine to support the fabric.  I don't machine quilt large items, so this arrangement will work fine for me. 

The blue quilt will be hung on the wall and I need to make a window valance.  Like any new project it needs fine tuning which will happen in time.   I'm very happy with my new space and grateful for my wonderful Hubby who made this happen for me.

Until tomorrow I wish you a day filled to overflowing with Peace & Plenty  ~~  Barb

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