Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Am I Doing!

Have you ever done something spur of the moment you should have your head examined for?  I did that very thing this past week and rented a small booth in a new antiques mall here in town.  It's a lovely place and I hope I will  be able to thin out a few of my collections there.

Yesterday we painted the booth a cheery yellow and put a piece of wall paneling on the floor that looks like hardwood.  Since my booth is only 4x8 ft, the paneling was a perfect fit.  Today we will be touching up the paint, which was on raw particle board, and putting up a chair rail.  My Hubby Jeff  is doing most of the work and with a smile on his face!  He supports me in everything I do....he's a keeper!!!

Here are just a few of the items I want to thin out of my collections.  I have just scratched the surface of what needs to go to new homes.  I also have vintage linens and a few store-bought quilts to sell.  My one big ticket item is a 1955 Chevy convertible pedal car (new). 

We are painting some old furniture pieces to hold our displays and also making and painting shelves.  Jeff painted an old table pistachio the color.  On the center bottom is an old glass doorknob.

Next week I should be able to get my head back into quilts and quilting. 

Until Monday, take care and enjoy the weekend!

Peace & Blessings,  Barb

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  1. Love the things you are looking to sell, there goes a time when you have to bit the bullet, we had to do it a few years ago when I had to sell my beloved dresser bnecause it would not fit into our house, it went to my daughter so I do still see it from time to time.

    Hope you have a very sucessful booth, if I were closer I would be coming to have a look, love the colour of that table......