Sunday, June 10, 2012

Checking In

I have a short break in my day and thought I would check in.  We planned this to be a stay-at-home day to catch up with a few chores.  Before lunch Hubby was called to work for an emergency so I mowed the yard.  Afterwards I worked on a block that will be sent to a sister quilter to make a quilt for her brother who just found out he's ill.  This was a labor of love for them.

Tomorrow I must make a valance for my booth at the mall and maybe tomorrow evening we will be able to put it up.  We are about 3 days away from setting things up for sale and see what happens.

It's roast beef, mashed potatoes, country green beans and homemade dinner rolls for dinner today.  Care to join us? 

Until tomorrow....may you be blessed with Peace & Plenty. 

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