Thursday, September 20, 2012

Golden Days

These are the days I love the most ~ the golden days of September.  Nights and early mornings are briskly chilly, the days are getting shorter, but the afternoons are golden.  The huge garden spiders are weaving their gossamer webs and the yellow butterflies are making their final sweep through our garden.  The flowers are putting forth their last hurrah and Fall is just around the corner!

I can feel the change of seasons even in the house. This is the time of year I begin burning candles with names like Falling Leaves, Warm Cider, Autumn Bliss. This week I changed the quilt in our bedroom to one that's a little warmer in weight and color.

This quilt is simple large squares of velveteen, silk and cotton.  It has a nice stripe fabric on the back.  It's quilted with large utility stitches in the Baptist Fan design.  There is nothing complicated or fussy about this quilt ~ it is what it is and I love it.  Sometimes the simple things are what please me the most. 

We are going to have our first bonfire this weekend.  We never fail to solve all the problems of the world when we sit in front of  blazing fire with our stomachs full of good food.  I wonder if the politicians have ever tried this technique! 

Until next time, I wish you Peace & Plenty & Golden Afternoons


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