Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mummies on Parade

The end of summer is really here at last, as witnessed by our swarm of hummingbirds thinning out drastically.  Yesterday I hung up what I believe to be the final feeder of this year.  I wish them a safe trip back to their other home. 

Since I got my new sewing machine last month I've been fascinated with the embroidery feature.  Every spare minute lately has been spent creating designs and downloading patterns from the Internet.  I admit that I have much more to learn, so much more! 

I found a cute mummy pattern at my current favorite embroidery design site (Embroidery Library) and can't seem to quit making them!  I have to say that for a 'non-Halloween person' they have stolen my heart.  Here are a few of the sweet little mummies and friends who are hanging around the sewing room ~~

You may remember that I participated in a Halloween block swap last month.  I really enjoy the Halloween colors ~ purples, reds, acid greens and bright oranges, all punctuated with lots of black.  I lean toward the cutsie side of Halloween rather than the frightening dark side.

I have found that machine embroidery is not inexpensive.  Unlike piecing a quilt top with one color thread, you must have a myriad of embroidery thread colors right off the bat.  It's been a fun adventure and one that I am sure I will pursue for years to come. 

Now I'm off to see what I can create before I have to start our dinner.

Wishing you a day filled with wonder and creativity.....Barb


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