Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'm just catching up with the new week.  Where do the weekends go?  This is a medical/dental appointment week for me.  The big appointment is behind me and Friday will be the next one. I sat down and figured out that by February 1 all my assorted 'things' will be done and I'll be free to do whatever again.

I'm not sitting idle waiting for the next appointment however.  Yesterday I embroidered a new Valentine design that I think is really pretty ~~~

What do you think? I though it might be difficult but it wasn't.  I stitched this sample on a plain piece of black cotton.  It was interesting watching the 3-D effect of this piece take shape.  I have no plans for this little gem yet.  I may experiment with different fabric and thread colors.  Maybe stitch it on white and make the ruffle black and the heart shocking pink. 

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  As I child I couldn't wait to exchange valentines with my classmates to see if I got one from that special someone.  After Timothy H shoved me off the bleachers and my arm broke in the 4th grade we became the best of friends and were boyfriend/girlfriend for 5th and 6th grade.  I still have a tiny gold ring with an amethyst (my birthstone) he gave me. He became class president two years running and I was his loyal campaign manager and biggest supporter!  Memories are a wonderful thing.  If my memory serves me well, Timothy gave me my first kiss....

Wishing you a wonderful day ~  stay safe, warm and happy!

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  1. This is Beautiful!!! You make the nicest things!