Monday, January 6, 2014


For the past few days I have been making some very small bereavement quilts for a group I joined at Missouri Star.  It seems oddly sad to make such tiny quilts.  These are given to the mothers of stillborn births along with a copy of the baby's footprints and sometimes a photo (if requested by the mother).  I feel this is a very worthwhile undertaking.  Much prayer and well wishes go into each of these I make.  I will post pictures later.

The arctic blast named Ion has really hit our area hard.  Taking the wind chill into consideration our temperature is a whopping -26 degrees F.  Hubby worked all weekend doing snow removal and he's doing the same today on the job.

I hope everyone is taking extra good care of their pets during this freeze.  Dottie & Olive dislike having to go outdoors in the snow, which is double their height.  I do my best to keep a potty area shoveled off for them.  I limit their time outdoors to 5 minutes.  Once they come back in they are dried off and I fix them warm broth to drink. Being from California they have never experienced 'real' winter.   They think the broth is a good idea!

Tonight I will fix a large pot of spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.  The thing I like most about spaghetti is the leftovers. 

I hope wherever you are that you are safe and warm.   Make a cup of something warm to drink and cuddle up in a good quilt and read a book or watch Downton Abbey (my new obsession!).

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  1. Barb, You are doing a wonderful thing I'm sure you get as much of a blessing as the mothers who receive the quilts. I'm with the dogs I am a FL girl and our weather will 27 for the low add wind chill and it drops it to 7! All my animals are inside tonight. Well except my birds and they are under heat lights. Stay warm have a great week!