Thursday, January 23, 2014


This morning our porch thermometer said -2 degrees.  I'm not sure how accurate it is.  The weather people are saying the high today should reach 12.  That's not a fit day for man nor beast. 

I have to leave in a bit for jury duty.  I thought it would be cancelled due to the unusually low temps and the gusting wind.  They did change our reporting time to noon, so maybe that will be a bit of improvement.  I know that my Hubby is not thrilled I will be out running around in this mess.  I simply don't have outerwear for these types of temperatures.  So, I'm wearing layers and hoping for the best. 

I have all the blocks sewn and trimmed for the Tumbling Charms quilt I decided to make.  The fabric is the Vin du Jour line from Moda.  The blocks are sitting in stacks until I have time to lay them out.  Laying this design out is a bit of a challenge because of the two strips around each block.  The blocks must be in a certain position to give them the 'tumbling' look.  In one block the strips need to be in the '7' position and the next block the strips should be in the 'L' position.  In some circles this quilt is referred to as the L7 quilt.  It's an easy way to remember the setting but I still get it turned!

There are quite a few different prints to work with that it should be a challenge.  One nice thing is that when the blocks are in the correct position there are no seams to match.  The only matching will be when I sew the rows together.  The border will be the dark purple large floral in the picture.   As you can see there is a lot of negative space in the pattern which gives breathing room and a chance for some pretty quilting.  I hope Reggie is up for this one.  This pattern would make a great quilt for a child with one charm pack and some strips.  I may consider it for one of the groups I belong to.

What are you working on now?  I have so many UFOs to take care of that I have no business starting something new. 

It's time for me brave the elements and get on the road.  Wishing you a blessed day.    Barb

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  1. No snow, but its very cold and wet. I have managed an hour on the machine this afternoon....the quilting famine may be over......