Sunday, January 12, 2014


How did you spend your weekend?  After being snowed in for over a week, my second trip out was interesting....Our Scottie, Dottie, had an upset tummy this morning and got sick in the middle of our mink blanket that has been on top of our bed since the recent blizzard. 

The blanket in question is almost king size and weighs 20+ pounds (seriously).  Since 'the beast' needed some immediate attention we set about finding a way to wash it.  It more than filled our washer to the top and there would have been no room for circulation.  We loaded up and headed for the nearest commercial laundry.  The large loaders in our local establishment wouldn't begin to hold the blanket any better than our home washer.  So, we headed out for the next town over and found a nice facility with a washer that was able to at least get the blanket wet. 

After two full washes, one with soap and the second one with water and a little fabric softener, we felt it was clean enough.  After 75 minutes in the large dryer it was dry enough to come home and finish drying on our bed with the ceiling fan turned on.

I met some very nice people while at the laundry and feel sorry that the prices have gone up so much since I last had to put quarters in machines for their services.  It cost $7.00 for two wash cycles and $4.00 for the dryer.  Families without their own washers and dryers have it rough.  I am totally thankful for our appliances. 

Our weather and the roads have improved considerably in the last two days.  Yesterday I was able to get my car out and drive for the first time in over a week.  There was a fabric sale at our  local fabric shop and it felt so good to be out that I went  to the sale twice!

Blessings to you, Barb

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