Thursday, April 14, 2016


We enjoyed a glorious sunrise from our front porch this morning before Jeff left for work.

Our family is safely back home after their visit with us and life is going on as usual.  My MIL was given her Orange Peel quilt while she was here.  She is not a quilter or even a quilt lover, but I think she will like it after she lives with it a while.  Blue is her favorite color and it will go well in her home.

The last side of the binding on the modern quilt will be sewn on today.  It turned out to be larger than I thought.  I think it would fit nicely on a queen bed.  Pictures will follow in my next post. 

Wishing everyone a perfect Spring day!

1 comment:

  1. I do hope that quilt is appreciated, it was so nice. It always bugs me when you give something you have worked on for hours to someone and they dismiss it. I made a lap quilt for my grand daughter for her 18th birthday, last time I went to visit it was chewed up in the dogs basket!! I was so cross.

    She is getting married next year, had hints about making her a wedding way Jose, I have better uses for my time than to slave over a quilt for an ungrateful grand daughter. Once bitten twice shy.