Friday, April 8, 2016


Spring is definitely springing here in the Ozarks, but it's still chilly and very windy.  Above is our weeping cherry tree before most of the blooms were blown off by high wind.  The dogwoods are beginning to bloom and in another week it will be glorious around here.

This is the weekend Jeff's Mom and Sister will be with us, actually until the middle of next week.  My MIL will be given her Orange Peel quilt that I posted pictures of before.  I hope she likes it.  Jeff will make sure she knows how much time it took to make.

I plan to bake a carrot cake and a batch of oatmeal cookies today.  I think I have a few nice meals planned and I hope we have a good visit.  They have several  other family members and friends to visit beside us. 

I should be blogging again about the middle of next week.  Take care and have a great weekend!

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