Saturday, July 13, 2013


I had hoped to be able to sleep in a little this morning, but a little black Scottie nose was poking underneath the bedroom door crying the most pitiful cry you ever heard...I couldn't resist, so I got up.  It's a glorious morning and I'm glad I didn't miss it.

Dottie and Olive are adjusting quite well. Dottie still thinks she is entitled to live her life on our living room furniture. This week we discovered, to our delight, that Dottie loves to play in water.  Give her a hose and turn on the water and she will play for hours running and jumping.  Olives runs and hides while Dottie has all the fun. 

I completed the binding on a second PICU quilt yesterday and both quilts have been washed and are ready for their trip to St Louis to the leader of our group.  Here's the second quilt:

This quilt has a different border and a scrappy binding.  I cut the strips (3 inches WOF) for both quilts at the same time and just changed the borders and binding.  This was a simple way to get two quilts in a short time.  I'm not a fast sewer at all like some of my friends.  These days I don't do much of anything very fast!  That's fine with me because when it comes to sewing I enjoy the whole process very much. 
I'm off to pick garden tomatoes and give a think about what to fix for our dinner this evening.
I hope you have a great weekend  ~~  see you next week! 

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  1. Barb, I love the quilt! Some little one will love it to. Have a great day!