Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm happy to say that all is well at our home after the weekend.  Dottie and Olive are napping and I have been able to get a few tasks done ~ notably, laundry.  We are a small household and I continue to be amazed at the quantity of dirty laundry we generate.  I have always said we are either really clean or really dirty!

I have no plans for our dinner this evening.  It will be hard to top the BLT sandwiches we had last night with big slices of our homegrown tomatoes.  I'm thinking along the lines of small pan-fried steaks with sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese.  Maybe a bowl of sherbet later for dessert.

It's a lovely feeling when all is well in my world.  To me this means that my family is doing well, I love and I am loved,  we are relatively healthy, the bills are paid,  I have plenty of fabric for quilting, the pantry is stocked and the house isn't too messy!  I could add to this list, but why press my luck!!

Recently I have come to the point I can admit that I'm a full-blown fabric addict.  My sewing room is terribly messy right now, mostly due to stacks of fabric sitting everywhere waiting to be put away.  I'm thinking I have to put myself on a fabric diet.  Hiding my credit card doesn't work because I have the numbers memorized because I use them so often!  More on this topic later ~~  I don't want to get too hard on myself!

I'm off to straighten up the sewing room ~~~~  Barb

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